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Summer Bridge or Transition Programs have been mentioned in a number of venues as being an effective practice.

Swail (2004) is emphatic in his assertion that colleges "should focus on developing academic bridge programs between senior year in high school and the freshman year in college. On-campus intervention programs afford students a number of potential benefits, including opportunities to become acclimated to the campus, work through some freshman problems before the fall semester begins, receive academic support in areas of weakness, and become accustomed to the pace associated with college-level academic learning."

Students in summer transition programs may be required to enroll in certain preparatory courses structured such that they give students a less stressful introduction to what they will encounter during the regular school year (Lotkowski, Robbins and Noeth, 2004).

Summer transition programs may be especially beneficial for low-income students and students of color (Whitley, 2007).

It is noteworthy that an integral aspect of the successful Upward Bound program (a program within the TRIO constellation) is a summer residential experience on a college campus.

Programs Available on our Campuses

Advanced Program in Technology and Science - St. Cloud State University: Students of color, first-generation and students with a low socioeconomic status experience STEM areas through identifying, designing, developing and implementing a research project. The program is a three-week residential summer program. Goals include increasing knowledge of the scientific research process, changing attitudes towards science, and increased performance in STEM related classes after the experience.

ASPIRE - Anoka-Ramsey Community College: This program provides learning communities, smaller class sizes, a dedicated advisor, a summer bridge program and tuition assistance.

College Access Program - Minnesota State University, Mankato: College Access Programs (CAP) identify and recruit students who show promise of success. CAP provides an intense transition from high school to college. The program assists students in mastering subject matter, building and improving basic skills for college success while still in high school. The CAP regular school year is supplemented by a four-week summer residential program.

College Bound, Academic Achievement Academy - St. Cloud Community and Technical College: first-generation, disabled, and low-income 7th and 8th grade students are prepared for college through math and English classes, and workshops on financial aid, career paths and study skills. The objectiveis to increase the percentage of students going to and graduating from college.

College Preparation Program - North Hennepin Community College: This program, focused on adults, offers preparation for college through skill-building courses in reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, there is a focus on college success, career exploration, and academic sampling. The 25 program courses are all online.

College Within Your Reach Program - Inver Hills Community College/Century College: College Within Your Reach is a joint program of Century College and Inver Hills Community College that provides access and opportunity to a college education to underrepresented students who might not otherwise consider higher education.Programs and support services are provided to 8th, 10th, and 12th grade high school students as well as first-year college students. This Summer Bridge Program enables students to complete a three-credit college course for free.

Expanded and CARE Summer Bridge Programs - Rochester Community and Technical College: Students who place into developmental coursework are required to attend this summer bridge program. Students meet with advisors, make new friends, receive tutoring and get oriented to RCTC and its many resources.

Fast Track - MN West Community & Technical College: This is a summer bridge program that works with local high schools to provide developmental education during the summer. The program includes mentoring, study skills, time management, math, reading and socialization.

Level Up! A Summer Bridge Program - Normandale Community College: The program, aimed at high school seniors, serves first-generation, low-income, and students of color who need special instructional attention prior to their first college semester.The students receive two weeks of instruction in reading and writing, and orientation four days a week.

Math Science Computer Camps - St. Cloud State University: Students of color, first-generation and students with a low socioeconomic status in grades 3-8 are exposed to science, math, and computers in fun and innovative ways. Students also engage in cultural arts, recreational and outdoor activities, and go on field trips.

Math Summer Bridge Program - Normandale Community College: This program is designed for graduating seniors or students entering their junior or senior year of high school. Pell Grant eligibility is used to determine low-income. Students are provided a course in algebra. The goal is to improve their placement test in math by the end of the summer.

Project JumpStart - Minneapolis Community and Technical College: For students in 6 th-8 th grades (low-income or first-generation), this program includes visits with parents, tutoring, and courses in math, English, science, language and college prep. Students continue on with Upward Bound after 8 th grade. The objective is to assist elementary and middle school students with graduation from high school.

Promoting Academic Success for Underrepresented Students - St. Cloud State University: Students of color, first-generation and students with a low socioeconomic status in grades 6-12 receive tutoring, academic enrichment activities, summer academic programs, career awareness, and assistance with college admissions and financial aid. The objectives include improving the group's rate of success on state standardized tests in the areas of reading and mathematics, and increase student interest and awareness of higher education options.

Scientific Discovery Program - St. Cloud State University: Students of color, first-generation and students with a low socioeconomic status in grades 9-11 experience biological, chemical, computer sciences, mathematical, social and statistical sciences through laboratories, special demonstrations, and field trips to water quality and solid waste management.

Summer Institute - Ridgewater College: This program is aimed at low-income students, students of color, first-generation college students and students with disabilities. There is a one-credit Career Exploration course that consists of orientation to college, computer readiness, study skills and text taking tips. In addition, there are workshops and an educational field trip.

Super Success Skills Seminar - St. Cloud Technical College: first-generation, disabled, and low-income 11 th and 12 th grade students are provided math and English classes, and workshops on financial aid, career paths and study skills. The objective is to increase the percentages of students going to and graduating from college.

Tech Trek - Hennepin Technical College: Tech Trek is a summer bridge program for first-generation college students who need developmental education. Students are provided support through group meetings, advising, and fun activities that help the students be successful in college. Students meet new people and become acclimated to college life. The college covers any tuition not paid for by federal and state grants.